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large animal box trapThis live-capture trap is most suitable for ungulate projects that do not target a specific sex or age-class.  Once assembled and set this trap will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply check the trap each day to ensure every animal is handled and released in a timely manner. 

Bait is placed in the rear of the trap so that the animals must touch a light, trip-wire to feed.  Doing so causes the door to fall behind them where they will be securely held in a steel-framed box, enclosed with nylon mesh netting.  The mesh and steel provide a high measure of safety and security.

You bolt the trap together and attach the pre-cut mesh and the ultra-sensitive, machined aluminum trigger. The steel frame, mesh, trigger, hardware and instructional DVD are included. Traps must be secured with fencing wire to a solid tree or anchored by heavy weights or T-posts, sold separately.

wildlife capture box trap

Two sizes are available:

Medium (deer size) 3’W x 4’H x 6’L      $650.00 USD

Large (elk size) 4’W x 6’H x 7’6”L         $950.00 USD

Do-It-Yourself: Components sold separately.

        Trigger only:  $165.00

        Pre-cut mesh netting MEDIUM : $150.00

        Pre-cut mesh netting LARGE: $200.00

        Pre cut steel frame, not drilled: $150.00

Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery.  Shipping additional


Printable Box-Trap Specifications



USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services

Finally got out to test fire the (suspended) launcher with the new blanks. They worked great... The net worked great fully deploying each time. At 8 feet it worked perfect. These rounds definitely work better.

- Walter Cotton, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist


Valles Caldera Trust

Had a successful turkey capture this morning. The gun worked beautifully.
Thanks for your help.

- William J. Meyer


Utah goats headed for idaho

Tyler- don’t know if you heard but this morning they are saying that moving 43 goats is the largest mountain goat capture EVER and are claiming it was near miraculous to have no mortalities. I am so proud to have been involved in the effort and just wanted to thank you and your crew for the work you did.

It was fantastic team work with all involved and I just can’t think of any way it could have gone better.

- Teresa Bonzo UT, Division of Wildlife Resources