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This is our most popular product, suitable for large scale capture projects where multiple animals of a given species, sex and age class will be targeted.

A large, square net is hung from poles in each corner, larger nets (>25’ x 25’) require a fifth, center-pole.  Each corner is secured to a weight that is held in place by an electromagnet under constant 12V current.  A wireless remote-control turns the power off to silently drop the net on your baited target.

The net may also be held in place via pull-pins during set-up, and periods of inactivity or target acclimation. This does not require power supply.


wildlife capture drop net

Due to its silent operation, our advanced design allows for the capture of more animals in a smaller net than found in traditional systems.  Replay the video and you will notice that the net is actually on the deer’s back before she even lifts her head.

Completely weatherproof components, featuring stainless steel hardware with a UV treated net and Pelican brand carry cases, this system is built to last.

Instructional video is included on portable flash drive.  Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery.


25’ x 25’ System    $3950.00 *         *Shipping Additional 

drop net wireless remote

40’ x 40’ System    $4950.00*  

50’ x 50’ System    $5450.00*    

60’ x 60’ System    $6250.00*

Printable Drop-Net Specifications



live animal capture drop net






USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services

Finally got out to test fire the (suspended) launcher with the new blanks. They worked great... The net worked great fully deploying each time. At 8 feet it worked perfect. These rounds definitely work better.

- Walter Cotton, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist


Valles Caldera Trust

Had a successful turkey capture this morning. The gun worked beautifully.
Thanks for your help.

- William J. Meyer


Utah goats headed for idaho

Tyler- don’t know if you heard but this morning they are saying that moving 43 goats is the largest mountain goat capture EVER and are claiming it was near miraculous to have no mortalities. I am so proud to have been involved in the effort and just wanted to thank you and your crew for the work you did.

It was fantastic team work with all involved and I just can’t think of any way it could have gone better.

- Teresa Bonzo UT, Division of Wildlife Resources