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Large Animal Net-Gun

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This hand-held net launcher will cast a 15’ x 15’ net with 6” mesh to an effective range of 30 yards. Best used from an elevated position, firing down on the intended target, this net can be used to selectively capture any species, sex or age class that comes into range. Each net-gun is custom built to suit your specific application; large or small.

Our lightweight net is made from durable nylon that flies farther, faster than any other material.  Each of the net’s four corners are carried by a plastic-coated, steel weight that, when fired opens the net to a parachute-like trap covering 225 square feet.


The recoil is moderate to heavy depending on the load/application. These Net-Guns are modified to prevent the loading of a normal, bulleted cartridge. Therefore, they are not classified as firearms by the United States Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

$120 per 50 blanks, or load your own with our crimping die $200.

Instructional DVD included.  Custom options available.

Price:Starting at $3250 USD plus shipping

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.  Shipping additional.

large animal net gun wildlife capture


Printable Net-Gun Specifications



USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services

Finally got out to test fire the (suspended) launcher with the new blanks. They worked great... The net worked great fully deploying each time. At 8 feet it worked perfect. These rounds definitely work better.

- Walter Cotton, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist


Valles Caldera Trust

Had a successful turkey capture this morning. The gun worked beautifully.
Thanks for your help.

- William J. Meyer


Utah goats headed for idaho

Tyler- don’t know if you heard but this morning they are saying that moving 43 goats is the largest mountain goat capture EVER and are claiming it was near miraculous to have no mortalities. I am so proud to have been involved in the effort and just wanted to thank you and your crew for the work you did.

It was fantastic team work with all involved and I just can’t think of any way it could have gone better.

- Teresa Bonzo UT, Division of Wildlife Resources