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Suspended Net Gun Launcher

Wildlife Capture Services is proud to introduce our new suspended net launcher. This animal live capture tool is the preferred application in situations where the target area is limited or a specific animal is to be captured.  This device is easy to use, highly portable and effective.  Our suspended net launcher is available with a manual trigger or wireless remote control.


suspended net gun wildlife capture

The unit is suspended 5-8 feet off the ground by a 1/4” rope.  The rope can be hung between two trees or any two objects that can support the 20lb weight of the entire unit.  Out of all of our capture devices, the suspended net launcher is the simplest to set up and prepare for animal live capture.

Given the suspended net launcher’s ease of use it is highly effective.  When detonated, the suspended canister rapidly and reliably fires a 20’x20’ net instantaneously.  Various net sizes and mesh configurations are available and interchangeable to capture any range of animal sizes.

Our suspended net launcher is ideal for the safe humane live capture of various species, including most birds and mammals.  We have effectively captured wild turkeys, deer, feral cats, feral dogs, wild hogs, ibex, elk, blackbuck, aoudad, axis, and other exotics.

As demonstrated in the video, the manual trigger is activated when the target animal pulls on the bait. The radio-controlled unit may be detonated at anytime via wireless remote (not shown).  Either option can be built to suit your live-capture application.

suspended net gun launcher

As with all Wildlife Capture Services products’ we guarantee our workmanship and product performance to meet your satisfaction. Please call or email with any questions you may have. 


Suspended Net Launcher with manual/baited firing trigger (Includes one net): $3700.00 plus shipping

Suspended Net Launcher with radio controlled firing (Includes one net): $5000.00 plus shipping

Blank power loads to fire the suspended net launcher:$120 per 50.



USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services

Finally got out to test fire the (suspended) launcher with the new blanks. They worked great... The net worked great fully deploying each time. At 8 feet it worked perfect. These rounds definitely work better.

- Walter Cotton, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist


Valles Caldera Trust

Had a successful turkey capture this morning. The gun worked beautifully.
Thanks for your help.

- William J. Meyer


Utah goats headed for idaho

Tyler- don’t know if you heard but this morning they are saying that moving 43 goats is the largest mountain goat capture EVER and are claiming it was near miraculous to have no mortalities. I am so proud to have been involved in the effort and just wanted to thank you and your crew for the work you did.

It was fantastic team work with all involved and I just can’t think of any way it could have gone better.

- Teresa Bonzo UT, Division of Wildlife Resources